Dear Trancas Turtle and Koi Rescue,

We at truly admire those who dedicate time out of their lives towards helping reptiles (whether lizards, snakes, or turtles).  As many people know, a healthy reptile requires a specific diet and a habitat unique to its natural environment.  This not only requires a lot of time and money, but also involves having a wide range of knowledge dealing with reptiles which we feel truly shows your dedication.

Without reptile sources like Trancas Turtle and Koi Rescue, countless reptiles would not get the care they need and many reptiles may have never found happiness.  Because of this we wanted to show our appreciation towards your staff for not only saving reptilian lives but also for improving the quality of life for many reptiles.  So we are pleased to present Trancas Turtle and Koi Rescue with our Reptile Rescue & Relief Award.

We thank you for all the time and hard work your organization provides for reptiles in need.  We understand what a difficult task this can be and hope that this letter and award will show you how much you really are appreciated.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Best regards,

Chief Editor, The Bearded Dragon